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Nuetral Collection - D'decor Home Furnishing I Set Design and Styling

This was a Neutral collection for the upholstery and curtain category for @ddecordiaries Home Fabrics. The color of the walls I chose ivory white to make the set look refreshing, vibrant and big. Hints of elements in beige color was added to add warmth in the room setting through carpets, side table, art and artefacts. A dash of green is added to add for freshness into each shot.

Planning a Fine Fabrics Shoot requires to understand the collection and the inspiration, what look the design team wants to achieve, the details the design team wants to highlight. Understanding these details helps us to build mood board/look board and share it with the team. This will have each & every detail sorted from the beginning - right from the back wall design , finish, window and door designs and finishes. Every little detail is taken care of.

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