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My Journey at The Walking Tree Design Studio

I was part of The Walking Tree Design Studio, where I was responsible for curating experience for this unique concept Jewelry store in Juhu. I joined the Her Story Jewels (2013)when it was still an idea and a thought, we were all trying to find meaningful expression that the Her Story consumer might connect to. It was quite an experience and it has been quite a journey for us, for me as a creative individual to challenge myself and understand this woman's point of view.

This photo was part of an interior shoot that we did for the store with @rahul_subs. Never ended up using these images, there were many such attempts that we did here which we didn't share with anyone. But now that I am tracing back my 10 years of creative journey, it makes more than sense to share these images.

The idea here was to capture this emotion

"A place where she can be inspired and feel at home at the same time".....

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