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JIO Wonderland - GO GREEN

I got this wonderful opportunity to design 5 Kids Zone for the @jiowonderland managed by @img_reliance. I designed & curated 5 zones for @bluesparrowparties. It was one hell of a ride, figuring everything out as the vendor who had agreed to do my job backed out in the last minute. So I had to start afresh and source everything from the scratch, within a span of 10 days.

A big shout-out to @sanskriti.bluesparrowscience for pushing me and believing in me. As they say, when you are scared; the only option is to face your fears.

#faceyourfears#beingbraverthis year #exploretheunknown#kidscarnival#jiowonderland#kidsbirthdaypartydecor#dinosaurthemedparty

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